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Our Story & Philosophy

We are a small family business located in Northern Michigan


Proudly Made In The USA

When you choose Grace USA tools, you choose tools that are hand crafted with materials that are sourced in the USA and manufactured by a family owned and run business. 

Since 1941 our family has committed to create tools that exceed our customers expectations by providing a product that is both quality and precise. We intend for each piece we craft not only to get the job done but also look aesthetically pleasing when it sits on display in your tool shop. 

As a family business, we have the privilege of operating our business based on family traditions, Christ centered values, love of country, and the Second Amendment.  When you buy a tool from us, you are helping to support us in sharing these values with others as well. 


Family Is Central
To Grace

Our children have been an integral part of operating our business. We have strived to use our business to encourage them to learn compassion, patience, generosity, communication and of course, instill in them a hard work ethic. 



Edward C. Grace founded Grace Metal Products, in the village of Elk Rapids situated on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.


John D. Morrison, Ed’s brother-in-law, bought the company after working the tool & die trades for over 30 years. His son, Dan, immediately began working in the business at the age of 13 on the bench grinders, drill presses and lathes producing many of the same products still in the Grace USA line with some of the machinery used by GRACE USA today.


John semi-retired and Dan became president of the company, a position he still holds today.


Dan married his wife Linda in 1986 and they raised their children Daniel, Joseph, Sarah and Matthew to learn the value of hard work at an early age while working by their parent’s side in the family business.


GRACE USA acquired Dockyard Tools USA, a micro carving tool business. 

People Walking


Thank you very much for standing behind your product; that says a lot about you and your company. I appreciate the support.”


Rob F. Kay
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