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Customer Testimonials

Christopher Schwarz

“I take my Grace Screwdriver set everywhere, and even take it to Africa with me. Those tools can really come in handy over there, and I assure you, there are no such quality products to be had in those countries.”

Terry Blauwkamp
Dallas Safari Club

“Thank you very much for standing behind your product; that says a lot about you and your company. I appreciate the support.”


“I would gladly pay for it. The set has served me well for many years.”


“Wow, thanks for the prompt response and offering to fix my mistake! I’m more than willing to pay for it! Thanks again for your generosity and excellent customer service! I’m going to recommend your products to all of my friends!”


“Thank you ever so much Dan for your most excellent service!”


“Your tools are good quality and very pleased with your service.”

South Dakota

“That is wonderful. Customer service like this is rare indeed.”


“All I can say is WOW. I was totally not expecting this…. Thank You! … I will have to inform everyone how great Grace USA is with their customer service.”


Rob F. Kay
On Target Hawaii
Firearms News & Reviews from Hawaii Reporter

“I received the screwdrivers this week. They’re perfect. Your quality is first rate. The guys that assemble our 30-30’s just love them. I do too.”

Henry Repeating Arms

“I just received that screwdriver set you send me today. They are amazing. I tore my Ithaca down like it was nothing. Not only are a very generous business owner and have amazing customer service, you produce a product that is of an unparalleled quality compared to my other gun care supplies. I know exactly where I will be coming for my next set of screwdrivers, and I know exactly where I’m going to refer everyone that finds themselves in a similar predicament to what I found myself in. I got the whole thing lubed up and ready to go, and plan to his the woods with it this Friday along with my brother. Thank you Dan, I cannot thank you enough for this.”


Just bought a set of your screwdrivers and picks from brownells, had them
delivered all the way to Western Australia! What a great couple of sets. We use
uberti wichester clones and the screws on them are at best difficult….but can’t
defeat your screwdrivers. They will becoming with us to the Australian Single
Action titles in Queensland Australia to keep the guns going. Its a 4000km trip
each way, for a weeks shooting, so you can’t go with a tool that is unreliable.
Appreciate the efforts you make!
Our best wishes
Clive and Sarah

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