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Grace USA Steel Short Roll Pin Punch Set with Bench Block

Grace USA Steel Short Roll Pin Punch Set with Bench Block


GRACE USA 7 Pc Steel Short Roll Spring Punch Set with our Grace USA Bench Block. 

These punches are Made in the USA from High Carbon Molybendenum Tool Steel and properly heat treated and hardened the entire length with tempered striking end.  The Short version of our Roll Pin Punch Series is designed to start the difficult roll spring/pins in motion without causing any damage to the pins or punch.  The Short shaft provides more control; putting your hand closer to the pin and additonally you won't be so apt to bend or break the finishing roll pin punch.  The punches are manufactured from hex stock steel vs. round which helps stabilize punch from rolling away from the user. Grace USA Bench Block Tool Holders are designed specifically for each tool so that they are neatly kept in order and are readily accessable when needed for a specific task.  Each Bench Block is made out of 60 durometer Neoprene rubber. Neoprene rubber is a general purpose compound that offers excellent oil resistance and chemical stability, as well as vibration dampening. Neoprene will remain stable over a wide temperature range. 100% Made in the USA

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